Message from the Honorary Consul

Benin Cumhuriyeti İzmir Fahri Konsolosu Artuna Aysun

As the Honorary Consul of Benin in Izmir, I would like to welcome you to our website. This website aims to provide information about Benin that you are looking for.

Africa is the world’s third largest continent after Asia and America and also second most populous continent after Asia. The Republic of Benin is a country established in Western Africa and bounded by Togo to the West, Burkina Faso and Niger to the North, Nigeria to the East and Bight of Benin to the South. The Republic of Benin has a long and narrow geographical area from Niger River in the North to the Atlantic Ocean in the South.

Benin gained its independence from France in 1960 and the wave of democratization starts with an active duty of representative government in 1989. The democratization process increasingly continues especially with the positive impression of the President YAYI Boni on Beninese people. This government change implies the consolidation of democratic gains and the creation of a shared prosperity in there. I am honored to be representing this emerging market, the Republic of Benin, in Izmir, Turkey. My mission is to further strengthen the relationship of these two countries.

After 1993, Benin has implemented IMF supported economic programs and has achieved important economic successes. Besides, after 2005, both “Poverty Reduction and Growth Program” and “Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers” have implemented under the economic support of IMF. As well as the sectors of agriculture and service in Benin, commerce has gained importance especially after the structural reforms in the Harbour of Cotonou. These structural reforms increase the trade relations of Benin with other states. Each year, the trading volume between Turkey and Benin is also increase with the positive influence of these reforms.

As the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Benin, our mission is to represent this country diplomatically in the best possible way and to develop commercial and economic relationships between Turkey and Benin. The Honorary Consulate of Benin in Izmir encourages Turkish entrepreneurs and businessmen to make their investments to Benin and also to provide information to the Turkish people planning the touristic travel to there. In our website, you can reach the general information about Benin, economic and social structure, trade and investment opportunities, the commercial relationships between Benin and Turkey and some sectors in Benin.

The Honorary Consulate of Benin in Izmir offers visa to the requestors.

Mehmet Artuna AYSUN

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin


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    Benin Potters Training Programme

    November 19, Monday, a delegation from the Republic of Benin (eight women and a man) came to Izmir for the potting training in collaboration with the municipality of Menemen and TIKA. There was a ceremony at 10.00 am with the participation of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin Mehmet Artuna Aysun, the Borough Master of Menemen Mustafa Gürdal and the Mayor of Menemen Tahir Şahin.

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    Benin President Boni Yayi paid an official visit to Turkey

    Benin President Thomas Boni Yayi, at the invitation of President Abdullah Gül, paid an official visit to Turkey 8 to 11 July 2012. Visit of the President of Benin has an importance for bilateral relations of these two countries because the first dual-level official visit has happened between these two states.

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    President YAYI Boni is elected as a Chairman of the African union

    Benin Republic President YAYI Boni emerged as the new Chairperson of the African Union. Benin is taking over the presidency from President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea whose mandate for the year 2011 has come to an end. In his speech, Yayi Boni underlined his priorities about Africa which are peace, stability, and security.

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    Beninese celebrated the Voodoo Day

    Hundred of thousands of Beninese and their guests have celebrated the annual Voodoo Day in January 10, 2012. The day has been a national holiday for a decade.

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    China supports C4 Countries on Cotton Production

    The world’s largest cotton importer and user, China, and the group of four major African Cotton Producing Countries (C4) are announced a joint program in Geneva.

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